Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1

Arsenal AF2011 A1 left side photo

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Manufacturer’s Description

Arsenal Firearms AF2011 A1 left side photoThe Arsenal Firearms AF2011-A1 is a double-barrelled, 1911-style pistol chambered in .45 ACP or .38 Super. It’s built on a 39NiCrMo steel frame machined from a solid block with a 39NiCrMo steel slide machined from a solid block. You can order it with  independent triggers and one sear group (left or right, with user-interchangeability for right or left operations), or with two triggers permanently joined and the choice of one or two sear groups.

Features include:

  • A double hammer with a single spur;
  • a left lever safety;
  • a half-cock hammer safety;
  • a grip safety;
  • two eight-round magazines paired with one floor plate; and
  • interchangeable sights.

Arsenal says most of the internal parts are interchangeable with standard 1911 replacement parts, including:

  • The firing pins;
  • the firing pin plates;
  • the sears groups;
  • the triple springs;
  • the inner parts of the mainspring housings;
  • the recoil springs and recoil springs rods;
  • the magazine bodies and inner parts;
  • the sights (including aftermarket adjustable sights);
  • the grips; and
  • grips screws and bushings.

The pistol is available with either a mirror Deep Blue finish, or with a 3400 Vickers surface hardness White Ash Nitrite coating. It comes with a dedicated security lock Ergal case, and a one-year warranty.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Width Weight
.45 ACP, .38 Super 8+1 4.9″ 8.6″ 5.7″ 1.96″ 65.3 oz. unloaded

MSRP: n/a


  1. Arsenal 1911 double right what would be the price.

    thx Tony

    Love the gun specs/power/& beauty a work of art the Michael Angelo of handguns

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  2. Tony, I haven’t been able to find a price for it yet anywhere. Haven’t seen it in any online stores either. Hopefully soon.

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