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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photos and user ratings of the Beretta 92 Vertec pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

Beretta‘s 92 Vertec is a Beretta 92-style semiauto pistol built on an aluminum frame with a steel slide, and chambered in 9mm. This double-action/single-action pistol operates on a short recoil, delayed blowback system. The 92 Vertec is nearly identical to Beretta’s 92FS pistol (also known as the M9) with only a few differences, including:

  • A flat backstrap instead of curved;

    Beretta 92 Vertec Inox right side photo
    The 92 Vertec with the Inox finish.
  • an accessory rail;
  • dovetailed three-dot sights front and rear;
  • a flared magwell to ease reloads; and
  • a slightly shorter barrel to make the muzzle flush with the slide.

The 92 Vertec’s standard 92-style features include:

  • An open-top slide designed to eliminate jamming and stove piping. It also allows you to load and chamber one cartridge at a time should you lose or damage the magazine;
  • a chrome-lined barrel to provide corrosion resistance, as well as ease of cleaning;
  • a deeply recessed combat muzzle crown to protect the rifling;
  • a disassembly latch designed to simplify field stripping for maintenance by allowing quick and easy disassembly. It stays on the gun, preventing accidental dropping and loss;
  • a visible automatic firing pin block that prevents the front part of the firing pin from any forward movement until you pull the trigger completely back. The block is located rearward, away from the fouling and debris of the breech face. Because the block is visible, you can ascertain proper operation at any time;
  • an external hammer;
  • a reversible magazine release positioned next to the trigger guard for either right or left-handed shooters;
  • a slide-mounted ambidextrous thumb safety/decocker, which is spring loaded so it returns to ready automatically after you depress it. When you press it down, the rear part of the firing pin (striker) rotates out of alignment with the front part of the firing pin.
  • checkered black plastic grips; and
  • high-capacity steel magazines designed to drop-free when you depress the magazine button, even when empty. Beretta says the 92-series magazines are interchangeable within caliber, and range in capacity from 10 to 20 rounds in 9mm.

You can get the 92 Vertec with either a black finish or a stainless “Inox” finish. Beretta also offers a variety of 92-style grip options, including various aluminum and wood models, and aftermarket companies offer laser grips.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Height Width Weight
9mm 15+1, 10+1 8.3″ 4.7″ 5.4″ 1.5″ 33.3 oz., unloaded

MSRP: $899 (Inox)

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The 92 Vertec with the black finish.

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