Beretta U22 Neos

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Summary: The description, specs, photos, pricing and user ratings for the Beretta U22 Neos pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

u22neos6Beretta’s says its American design staff started with a clean sheet when drawing up this new line of .22 LR caliber pistols. The lines are meant to appeal to a new generation of shooting enthusiasts who are respectful of the past while bringing a fresh attitude to the shooting sports. The Neos pistols feature cutting-edge design, modular construction that allows personalization and the flexibility for many shooting disciplines. Available at popular prices, the Neos is ideal for new shooters, but it won’t easily be outgrown as skills improve.

Constructed of five assemblies which are easily disassembled without tools, the U22 Neos is manufactured in the classic Beretta blue or inox to satisfy the tastes of all shooters. The ergonomic grips in fiberglass reinforced technopolymer with anti-slip finish can be substituted with optional colored or rubber inlay grips.

The pistol’s barrel features an integral rail that accepts Weaver style scope mounts, and a fully adjustable target rear sight. The firearm is also equipped with a cocked firing pin indicator at the rear of the pistol. The single stack magazine made from inox steel boasts a practical device which facilitates loading.  The ambidextrous manual safety can be engaged either with the firing pin cocked or uncocked.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL
.22 LR 10+1 4.5″ or 6″

MSRP: $275–375

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  1. I love this gun…I owned a Ruger .22 Mk ii in the past which was also a fine gun but, I prefer this Neos. It is easier to clean and I like the rail for accessories. Mine has the 6″ barrel and is a nail driver. I was spinning my metal target at 25 yards offhand. I own several larger caliber pistols and revolvers but unfortunately ammo prices have forced me to leave them in the safe….now I can shoot and shoot some more.

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  2. I rate this high on the list of handguns for two simple facts. 1. The first time I ran it with various 22lr rounds including some cheap stuff and only one failed to load and that could have been because it may have never been cleaned or it was HP. 2. My oldest was not willing to try it out and now we have another family member ready to go out and target practice with a handgun. Mind ya she is no stranger to firearms and hunts deer every year. But this was a great way for her to get into the handgun sport.

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