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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and user ratings for the Canik55 TP-40 pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

Canik55‘s TP-40 is a semiauto handgun built on a black polymer frame with a steel slide, and chambered in .40 SW. The TP-40 features a double-action/single-action striker-fired system that allows you to fire a de-cocked gun with a long double-action stroke.

Other features include:

  • A cold-forged barrel;
  • an ambidextrous de-cocker button atop the slide;

    We couldn't find a photo of a TP-40 at press time, so instead here's a photo of the TP-9, which is nearly identical.
    We couldn’t find a photo of a TP-40 at press time, so instead here’s a photo of the TP-9, which is nearly identical.
  • angled, rear grip serrations on the slide;
  • a loaded chamber indicator atop the slide;
  • a trigger safety;
  • two interchangeable grip backstraps;
  • texturing on the grip’s sides and raised nubs on the frontstrap and backstrap to improve grip;
  • a picatinny accessory rail;
  • a large, squared-off trigger guard;
  • a reversible magazine-release button;
  • a left-side slide lock lever;
  • a white-dot front sight;
  • a dovetailed, steel, two-white-dot rear sight that includes a ledge for one-hand cocking; and
  • two Mec-Gar 13-round magazines.

Note: Canik55 also offers a 9mm version of this pistol called the TP-9, and .40 SW and 9mm versions (the TP-40 SA and TP-9 SA) with a single-action-only trigger system.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Width Weight
.40 SW 13+1 4.1″ 7.2″ 5.7″ 1.4″ 22.9 oz.

MSRP: $373

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  1. When will the canik 55 tp 40 be released for sale?

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  2. Would Like to be notified when the Canik TP40 will start being sold.
    I have the Canik TP9 SA, and love it. I have 4 other different models of glocks, and in my opinion the Canik out performs all the glocks.

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  3. Can not wait for the Canik tp40 to start being sold. I already have the tp9sa and it out performs all my glocks. And sigs.
    The trigger has to be one of the best out their. Love it.

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  4. I just so happen to be looking on my favorite site, then low and behold there it was…The TP40 sold at $309

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  5. When will the new tp 40 go to market….

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  6. The TP40 V2 is currently the only Canik .40 on the market, and is available at right now for just under $310.
    Hope this helps!

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