Pedersoli Derringer Guardian

Summary: The description, specs and photos of the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian pistol. Manufacturer’s Description Pedersoli’s Derringer Guardian recalls the famous X Pert Single Shot derringer produced by Hopkins & Allen in the 1870s, or the several European models known as the System Flobert Single Shot.

Pedersoli Derringer Philadelphia

Summary: The description, specs and photos of the Davide Pedersoli Derringer Philadelphia pistol. Manufacturer’s Description Pedersoli says its Deringer Philadelphia is a faithful reproduction with brass furniture and a case hardened lock. The lock features the original markings on two lines: Deringer / Philadela. The brown barrel is equipped with a brass V aiming rear… Continue reading Pedersoli Derringer Philadelphia

Pedersoli Saloon

Summary: The description, specs and photo of the Pedersoli Saloon pistol. Manufacturer’s Description Pedersoli’s Saloon is a copy of a Belgian pistol with nipple positioned in order to ensure an extremely fast ignition. The frame and hammer are color case hardened.