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  1. I love the look of the handgun but when you pay $330.00 you should expect it to work correctly. I had the blue paint just behind the front part of the slide (front sight post) scrap off. I lubacated the barrel before shot it and the firearm had 2 scraps down both sides of the barrel from where the slide was taking the paint off! This was after 23 rounds fired! Other parts of the firearm looked to still have machine marks in them, one of the most noticeable areas is the nose of the barrel, it had very deep saw marks that should have been removed before they painted over them to cover the machine marks up. The last round hold open wouldn’t work, and the gun was so nasty that a full cleaning was needed for the slide to start working. From a manufacture who repeats quality over and over, Chiappa can do better.
    Now for what I liked, the aim was dead nuts at 25 feet, it felt great in my hand, and for the one day I enjoyed it before sending back to the factory, it didn’t have any FTF or FTE in the 23 rounds I shot.

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