Cobra Firearms CB9

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo, user ratings and user comments for the Cobra Firearms CB9 derringer.

Manufacturer’s Description

Cobra Firearms’ CB9 is a 9mm single-action derringer built on an alloy frame with fixed sights. Standard finishes include chrome, black powder coat or satin nickel, and custom finishes include Ruby Red, Majestic Pink, King Cobra Copper, Royal Blue, Imperial Purple or Black Chrome.

The CB9 from the right.
The CB9 from the right.

Available grips include rosewood, black, white and pink.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Weight
9mm 2 2.75″ 4.65″ 14 oz., empty

MSRP: $200?

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  1. VERY unsafe piece of garbage gun. Firing pins rest DIRECTLY on bullets in gun. Had one fire a 9mm round into my leg, it wasn’t even cocked.

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  2. i got one of these as an anniversary present 4 years ago. It’s not the easiest gun to shoot. Especially if You have large hands like i do. The gun is small and very hard to hold on to when fired. As for the other reviewer that mentioned that his gun misfired.. that has never happened to me and i have dropped my Cobra CB9 many many times.. and it is always loaded.

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