Coonan Classic .357 Magnum Automatic

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Summary: The description, specs, photos, pricing and user ratings for the Coonan Classic .357 Magnum Automatic pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Coonan Classic .357 Magnum Automatic is a 1911-style semiauto pistol chambered in .357 Magnum (and .38 Special). It uses standard .357 Magnum ammo, and it’s recoil operated. Features include a linkless barrel; walnut grips; black, smooth fixed sights; and an extended slide catch and thumb lock for one-handed operation.

Various sight options are available, including fixed, smooth, white-dot sights; adjustable, serrated white-dot sights; fixed, serrated night sights; and adjustable, serrated night sights.

This pistol comes standard with a custom carry case, one magazine, a lock and an owner’s manual.

More Reading, & Video
Click here to watch Hickok45 shoot and review the Coonan. Click here to read a comparison of the Coonan, Desert Eagle and LAR Grizzly in the December 1993 issue of Guns Magazine.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.357 Magnum, .38 Special, .38 Special +P 7+1 5″ 8.3″ 1.3″ 5.6″ 42 oz. empty; 48 oz. loaded

Coonan Pricing

MSRP: $1,199–$1,479

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2 thoughts on “Coonan Classic .357 Magnum Automatic

  1. Jed Henson

    Has anyone out there handled/fired one of these bad boys? Would love a report!

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  2. Mark P

    I owned one and loved it! Mine was one of the old ones from around 1990. The quality appears much better now. The design is just genius. I used it it in bowling pin matches and did really well. It is the length of the recoil that brings it right back on target. I used Remington “Green Box” 140 grains. My chrono had them going a hair under 1600 fps.. I fired thousands of rounds through it and basically shot it to pieces. It was out of production for years so when I broke the barrel lug I got scared and sold it for more than I bought it for right around 2006. I sold it on

    The only thing that limits length of shooting sessions to a couple of hundred rounds is the blast. It is a real flame thrower. Shoot some cheap Winchester “White Box” 125 grainers out of it and there is a visible almost 3 foot blast!

    Oh yes I am getting another one! I send Dan an email every now again and ask him to do one in 10mm Magnum.

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