CZ 75 D PCR Compact

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and user ratings for the CZ 75 D PCR Compact pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The CZ 75 D PCR Compact is a semiauto pistol built on an alloy frame and chambered in 9mm. It belongs to the CZ 75 family of pistols, which, according to CZ, all feature:

  • All steel construction (except alloy framed compacts);

    The CZ 75 D PCR Compact from the left.
    The CZ 75 D PCR Compact from the left.
  • high-capacity double-column magazines;
  • hammer forged barrels;
  • ergonomic grip and controls;
  • a slide-in-frame design for better recoil control;
  • a three-dot sighting system (Tritium night sights available);
  • a¬†smooth double action and crisp single action; and
  • a firing pin block safety.

The CZ 75 D PCR Compact also features a black polycoat finish and a rubber grip.

The Specs
Caliber Capacity OAL BBL WI HI WT
9mm 14+1 7.2″ 3.8″ 1.4″ 5″ 1.7 lbs.

MSRP: $651

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  1. This is my new favorite pistol! It is light, compact, has a great trigger and is as accurate as my P226. I put reloads, range fmj and self defence loads through it and not one failure.The trigger was a little creepy when I first shot it but smoothed out as the day went along. Wish I had found this gun earlier. CZ’s are hard to find in my area.

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  2. I am very interested in purchasing a CZ 75 D PCR Compact (9mm low capacity). I can not purchase one that comes with more than 10 rnd magazine capacities. I am a CZ ‘addict’. This is easily one of the most accurate pistols I have ever shot, and I’ve been shooting for 60+ years. The SKU for the 10 rnd model is 01194.
    I will entertain any reasonable price someone wants to sell one for. I am only interested in a “new in box” firearm. It’s described on CZ’s website

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