Freedom Arms Model 83 Field Grade

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The 7.5" barrel.
The 7.5″ barrel.

Freedom Arms‘ Model 83 Field Grade pistols are five-shot revolvers chambered in .500 Wyoming Express, .475 Linebaugh, 454 Casull, .44 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .357 Magnum or .22 LR with Match Chambers. Available in a variety of barrel lengths (4.75″, 6″, 7.5″ 9″ and 10″), the Field Grade is made with the same materials and machining tolerances as the Premier Grade revolver, but the Field Grade has a more economical matte finish for less glare and the rear sights are screw adjustable for elevation and drift adjustable for windage. The Field Grade comes standard with Rosewood grips.

All Model 83’s have a manual sliding bar safety.

Field Grades have a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner.

MSRP: $1,985–$$2,270

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