German Sport Guns GSG-1911

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Manufacturer’s Description

The German Sport Guns GSG-1911 is a full-size 1911-style semiauto pistol chambered in .22 LR. It’s built on an alloy frame with a zinc alloy slide.

The standard model with black plastic grips.

The pistol is designed to provide shooters with a feel identical to that of a .45 ACP 1911, including the weight (the GSG-1911 is a bit lighter than a regular 1911). A number of its parts are interchangeable with .45 ACP parts, including the mainspring housing, sear, sear spring, plunger tube assembly, barrel bushing, grips and grip screws, magazine catch, slide stop, ambi thumb safety, grip safety, trigger, hammer and disconnector.

Features include:

  • A threaded barrel;
  • a beavertail;
  • checkered grips (wood or black plastic);
  • a commander-style hammer;
  • an extended magazine catch;
  • a black finish;
  • plastic, fixed, dovetailed, three-dot sights (including two extra front sights of varying heights);
  • a magazine safety; and
  • a Series 80-style firing pin block safety;

German Sport Guns offers this pistol in a standard model, and a tactical model (which features a rail). You can also get a faux suppressor.

Note: American Tactical Imports imports this pistol into the United States.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Weight
.22 LR 10+1 5″ n/a n/a 29.6 oz.

MSRP: $364.95–$399.95

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The standard model with wood grips.

The tactical model with a faux suppressor.

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3 thoughts on “German Sport Guns GSG-1911

  1. D.

    I have the AD OPS tactical model. GREAT GUN!!

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  2. Joe Holt

    Great 100% gun. 1Keep it CLEAN and 2soaked with Rem Oil and 3feed it Federal 22 ammo in the big cheap brick. If you do that you will have zero problems

    AND– the Sig 1911 22 is the GSG 1911 22 with different grips. The gun is identical and the exact same gun. Sig really liked the GSG so they put their name on it. Whichever guns mags you can get grab em. Sig mags are also identical and are usually double the price

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  3. ld

    where do I get a laser sight for this gun ? what type of sights are avail. what about mounts

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