Glock 29 Gen3

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Summary: The description, specs, user ratings, photo and pricing for the Glock 29 Gen3 pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Glock 29 Gen3 is a subcompact semiauto pistol chambered in 10mm and built on a polymer frame.

The Specs
Caliber: 10mm
Length: 6.77″
Height: 4.45″
Width: 1.27″
Barrel height: 1.26″
Line of sight: 5.95″
Barrel length: 3.78″
Weight, unloaded: 24.69 oz.
Weight, loaded: 32.98 oz.
Mag capacity, standard: 10
Mag capacity, optional: 15
Trigger pull: 5.5 lbs.
Trigger travel: .5″
Rifling: right hand, hexagonal
Twist length: 9.84″

MSRP: n/a

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  1. fun to shoot, I own 3 glocks and this is my favoite, For some reason doesn’t kick like most 10mm’s I can hit a man size target at 100 yards.

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