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Summary: The description, specs, photos, pricing and user ratings for Grand Power’s P1 Mk7 pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Grand Power P1 Mk7 is a semiauto pistol built on a steel-reinforced polymer frame and chambered in 9mm. It’s essentially a shorter-barrelled version of the company’s K100 pistol.

Other features include:

The P1 from the right.
The P1 from the right.
  • a CrNiMo steel slide with front and rear serrations;
  • a rotating-barrel lock action;
  • four interchangeable backstraps;
  • an external hammer;
  • a picatinny rail;
  • an ambidextrous safety and magazine release;
  • a double-action/single-action trigger with a short reset;
  • fixed three-dot sights (some versions feature a fiber-optic front sight;
  • two 15-round magazines; and
  • a plastic case.

Note: Century Arms imports these pistols into the United States.

Note #2: Grand Power also offers a version of this pistol that features a double-action-only trigger in which the trigger both cocks and releases the hammer. It’s called the P1 DAO.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Width Weight
9mm 15+1 3.66″ 7.38″ 5.26″ w/out magazine 1.4″ 27.2 oz. w/empty magazine

MSRP: $545?

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The P1 from the left.
The P1 from the left.


  1. The P1 is a great handgun. I bought used and have put 200 rounds of brass and steel case ammo and no problem. The steel Tulmo ammo ran dirty in pistol but no issues. I installed a Crimson Trac rail master on the rail,fits perfect. The recoil isn’t bad and after 100 rounds my wrist felt great. Could have shot 100 more if I had the ammo. Very light weight gun for a 15 round compact. All in all perfect pistol for me to shot and carry. Wish I can find mags,but the guns come with two so I’m ok right now. My gun had the barrel recall and the replacement did not have the serial number on barrel,but I like it without. Trigger pull is great,but does not have a decocker. The rotating barrel definitely helps with the recoil which is mild for a 9mm. I’m not a collector of firearms and have had a 38 SW revolver and a Berretta storm 40 which I no longer have. I do know the 40 was a little snappy for me. The rotating barrel of the storm helped in the recoil,but I was not a fan of 40 cal. All in all I like the Grand Power and would buy another. Thanks

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  2. What type of ammo would you recommend ????
    1) target practice
    2) self defense
    Please advise

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  3. I use 115 gr target ammo and enjoy very mild recoil due to rotating barrel
    My youngest son(16)enjoys firing the Grand Power and can hit the target.
    I haven’t tried anything other gr ammo yet besides the 125 gr. Great pistol and won’t be trading or selling due to the great trigger pull. Wish I could find factory mags , but the gun came with two.

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