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Manufacturer’s Description

ISSC‘s M22 is designed to be a range pistol, bringing shooters handling and performance that is close to the modern defensive handgun while firing inexpensive high-velocity .22 LR ammunition. Features include:

The M22B.
  • A Lothar Walther match barrel;
  • an aluminum slide;
  • a polymer frame;
  • a Weaver-style rail;
  • a crisp, 4-lb. single-action trigger; a windage adjustable rear sight;
  • a white-dot front sight;
  • and five safeties (i.e., a trigger safety, a thumb operated hammer-drop safety, a firing pin safety, a magazine-disconnect safety and a key lock).

All M22 pistols are finished with ISSC’s proprietary Ti-clad, including the duotone M22. The finish is comprised of the same chemical properties used by automobile manufacturers for exterior auto paint. Available slide finishes include black and titanium white. Available frame colors include black, pink and desert tan.

ISSC offers the M22 in two barrel lengths: 4″, and 5.5″.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.22 LR 10+1 4″ 7″ 1″ 4.8″ 21.4 oz. w/out mag
.22 LR 10+1 5.5″ 8″ 1″ 4.8″ 23.2 oz. w/out mag

MSRP: $1,070 (nitron)
MSRP: $1,099 (two-tone)

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The M22PT.
The M22DC.
The M22DT.
The M22BT.

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  1. This is a solid 22LR training pistol. When they first came out they had problems, but have been solved with their last half of the product run under the MK22 Model number and the M22B is the 2nd Generation model and has worked flawlessly.

    Yes, it does require high quality ammo, CCI Mini-Mag Solids or HP. I have shot over 2000 rounds through this pistol and have only had problems with Non-CCI Mini-Mag ammo and only a few Failure to Feeds at that.

    It is extremely accurate and well made. I would not hesitate to buy one again! I gave it 9/10 stars because it is ammo finicky, but otherwise, this is a solid 22LR Semi-Auto!

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