Jimenez Arms J.A. 22

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and reader ratings for Jimenez Arms’ J.A. 22 pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Jimenez Arms J.A. 22 is a semiauto pistol built on a zinc alloy frame and chambered in .22 LR. Features include:

  • Fixed sights;
  • a finger rest on the magazine;
  •  a cocked indicator;
  • rear, vertical serrations on the slide;
  • a black, polished black or satin chrome finish on the slide; and
  • a black or satin chrome finish on the frame.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.22 LR 6+1 2.5″ 5″ .875″ 3.2″ 13 oz. empty

MSRP: n/a

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1 thought on “Jimenez Arms J.A. 22

  1. Daniel Christopher Loraditch

    This pistol is a great deal. VERY IMPORTANT: I found that even though it is not listed in the manual this pistol will not chamber a round if the safety is on. Moving the safety to the FIRE position works 100%.

    All fixed barrel guns have superior accuracy. They are also different in the take down from a floating barrel. The JA22 is different but easy. The take down button requires the use of a tool smaller than your finger to hold it down. So a pen or pen knife will do nicely. Like most fixed barrel you will need to be careful of the spring. If not prepared it can pop out.

    The mags are small and easily fall out of a pocket as mine did. They are not cheap so be careful that does not happen.

    Shooting a 22 from a fixed barrel is very enjoyable and economical. It also requires the same muscle memory which makes it good for training.

    I may have to get a JA 9mm as well.

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