Jimenez Arms J.A. 32

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photos and reader ratings for Jimenez Arms’ J.A. 32 pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Jimenez Arms J.A. 32 is a semiauto pistol built on a zinc alloy frame and chambered in .32 ACP. Features include:

  • Fixed sights;
  • a finger rest on the magazine;
  •  a cocked indicator;
  • rear, vertical serrations on the slide;
  • a black, polished black or satin chrome finish on the slide; and
  • a black or satin chrome finish on the frame.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.380 ACP 6+1 2.75″ 5.3″ .96″ 3.75″ 19 oz. empty

MSRP: n/a

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  1. Where can I purchase a jemeniz ja32 semi auto piatal

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  2. Many will laugh at me. But these are actually decent guns. I had a older Jennings .22lr I had since I was a child. My grandparents had a campsite and a lot with a camper at a place called Holiday Hills in Ohio close to Gallipolis off Bear Run Rd. I used to shoot cans and wood anything I could find. I was always shooting it. So these guns do take a beating and last. I sold it about 10 years ago, I feel bad that I sold it because the memories. But at the time I had to have the money. I would like to buy it back if I could ever find it.

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  3. Had one for over ten years w/over 4000 rounds through it. Still worked good until I swapped it for a ppk. Wasn’t really safe to carry one in chamber. Great bargain. Even ate hollow points without issue. Almost as accurate as the ppk.

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  4. Will the trigger Hurt someone with délicate fingers and Is it easy to rack.How Is recoil?Thanx very Much for your reply

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  5. Due to the weight of the pistol, recoil is no worse and maybe better than with better name guns. Very easy to rack. Trigger is decent. Hey, no one is going to shoot this, and mistake the trigger for a Glock’s.

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