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Summary: The description, specs, photo, pricing and user ratings for the Kahr Arms CW380 pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Kahr Arms CW380 is a subcompact semiauto pistol built on a polymer frame and chambered in .380 ACP. Features include:

  • A black polymer frame with 4140 steel inserts molded into the frame;
  • a matte stainless slide machined from solid 416 stainless steel;
  • textured polymer grips;Kahr Arms CW380 left
  • a lock breech, modified Browning-type recoil lug;
  • no magazine disconnect;
  • a passive striker block;
  • a pinned, polymer front sight;
  • a drift-adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight; and
  • one six-round magazine with a flush floor plate.

The CW380 is the cheaper sibling to Kahr’s more expensive P380 pistol. Differences between the two include:

  • A conventional rifled barrel in the CW380 vs. a match grade polygonal barrel in the P380;
  • a metal-injection-molded slide-stop lever on the CW380 vs. a machined lever on the P380;
  • fewer machining operations on the CW380;
  • engraved markings on the CW380 vs. roll marking on the P380; and
  • one magazine with the CW380 vs. two with the P380.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.380 ACP 6+1 2.58″ 4.96″ .75″ 3.9″ 10.2 oz. without magazine


MSRP: $419

More Reading

Here’s a link to an in-depth review of the P380 by Walt Rauch. And here’s a link to an in-depth review of the CW380’s big brother, the CW9.

More Photos

Kahr Arms CW380 right


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  2. Love the size, but disappointed in the performance. Was looking for a carry weapon, and the CW380 was appealing because it is about the same size as a wallet and probably the lightest available. After 500 to 600 rounds, I continue to struggle with at least 1 failure to feed on just about every magazine. Requires my locking the slide back, pulling the magazine, shaking the round out, and restarting. Not something one would want to do in an emergency. The gunsmith and I have found that the magazine spring relaxes to the point where there isn’t enough upward pressure to get a clean feed up the ramp. My answer is to not keep magazines loaded and replace the spring as it begins to fatigue. The CW380 is also fussy about ammunition. For everyday plinking at the range, Remington has tended to work better. JHP doesn’t work well at all.

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  3. I am 3 years on with my CW380. It is a pocket pistol for me and has been flawless. I shoot on my own private range and draw from pocket holster and shoot steel at 15 feet – repeatable good accuracy. I have approx 400 Blazer 95g. FMJ thru it with no failures even during break in. I carry with the 7 round magazine when wearing cargo type pants. The 6 round mag is fine for jeans. My #2 mag rides in a little belt holster. Based on my good experience with this piece 2 friends have bought them and have also found them flawless.

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