Kimber Custom Aegis II

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Summary: The manufacturer’s description and specs, the average user rating, and pricing info for the Kimber Custom Aegis II pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

Aegis pistols have thin ball-milled rosewood grips, 30 lines-per-inch front strap checkering and a high cut under the trigger guard. Even small hands can get a proper grip, and the 9mm is easy to control under recoil.

Wide slide serrations, bobbed thumb safety and smooth magazine release button are some of the features that make Aegis pistols ideal for true concealed and backup carry. Tactical Wedge three dot (green) Meprolight night sights transition perfectly into the flat top of the Aegis slide. Ramped match grade barrels, chambers and solid triggers are standard.

Lightweight, compact and absolutely reliable, Aegis models are built in the Kimber Custom Shop for shooters with small hands. Thin grips, altered controls and rounded edges make them easy to shoot. A great single-stage 1911 trigger that breaks clean at 4-5 pounds makes them easy to shoot accurately. Standard features include a premium 2-tone KimPro II finish that is both self-lubricating and extremely resistant to moisture.

Kimber’s Custom Aegis II pistol is available in 9mm.

Update: Check out an editor’s review of the Custom’s little brother, the Pro Aegis II.

9mm Custom Aegis II Specifications

  • Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 5.25
  • Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 31
  • Length (inches): 8.7
  • Magazine capacity: 9
  • Bobbed hammer, thumb safety and magazine release
  • Carry Melt
  • Recoil spring (pounds): 12.0
  • Full length guide rod


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Satin Silver
  • KimPro II frame finish
  • Width (inches): 1.15
  • Front strap checkering
  • Frame Serrations
  • High cut under trigger guard


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Matte black
  • KimPro II slide finish
  • Front serrations
  • Flat top


  • Length (inches): 5
  • Material: Steel, match grade
  • Stainless steel match grade bushing
  • Twist rate (left hand): 16
  • Ramped


  • Tactical Wedge Tritium night sights, fixed
  • Radius (inches): 6.8


  • Rosewood
  • Thin, fluted
  • Kimber logo


  • Solid Aluminum Match Grade
  • Factory setting (appx. pounds): 4.0 – 5.0

MSRP: $1,277

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