Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III

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Summary: The description, specs, photos, pricing and user ratings for the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

Magnum Research‘s Baby Desert Eagle III is a CZ 75-style semiauto pistol built on either a black polymer frame or carbon steel frame with a black oxide finish, and chambered in 9mm, .40 SW or .45 ACP. (Note: The polymer-framed models are not chambered in .45 ACP.) Features include:

  • A carbon steel slide with a matte black oxide finish;
  • a land and groove match barrel;
  • a double-action/single-action trigger;

    Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III steel full size right side photo

    The full-size, steel-framed Baby Desert Eagle III.

  • a firing pin block;
  • an ambidextrous, slide-mounted, teardrop shaped decocking safety;
  • a reversible magazine release;
  • an accessory rail;
  • fixed combat sights with three white dots; and
  • two magazines.

Magnum Research offers this gun in full-size and mid-size models. The steel-framed models feature backstrap and frontstrap checkering. The polymer-framed models feature a finger-groove grip, and backstrap and frontstrap checkering as well.

BUL Transmark LTD builds these pistols for Magnum Research.

The Specs
Frame Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Height Width WT/OZ
Full-size steel 9mm 10+1, 16+1 8″ 4.43″ 5.375″ 1.31″ 38 oz.
Full-size steel .40 SW 10+1, 13+1 8″ 4.43″ 5.375″ 1.31″ 37.9 oz.
Full-size steel .45 ACP 10+1 8″ 4.43″ 5.375″ 1.31″ 35.8 oz.
Mid-size steel 9mm 10+1, 16+1 7.5″ 3.85″ 5.375″ 1.31″ 35 oz.
Mid-size steel .40 SW 10+1, 13+1 7.5″ 3.85″ 5.375″ 1.31″ 35 oz.
Mid-size steel .45 ACP 10+1 7.5″ 3.85″ 5.375″ 1.31″ 34.2 oz.
Full-size polymer 9mm 10+1, 16+1 8.375″ 4.43″ 5.75″ 1.53″ 28.6 oz.
Full-size polymer .40 SW 10+1, 13+1 8.375″ 4.43″ 5.75″ 1.53″ 28 oz.
Mid-size polymer 9mm 10+1, 16+1 7.825″ 3.85″ 5.75″ 1.53″ 26.3 oz.
Mid-size polymer .40 SW 10+1, 13+1 7.825″ 3.85″ 5.75″ 1.53″ 25 oz.

MSRP: $646 (polymer frame)
MSRP: $691 (steel frame)

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Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III left side photo

The semi-compact, polymer-framed Baby Desert Eagle III.

1 thought on “Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III

  1. wimplo22

    I have an earlier version of this gun with a serial number under 100 in a steel frame full size Ina 9mm. It is the most accurate pistol I’ve ever shot. I love this gun. The weight and downward – sloping beavertail make the recoil of hot and heavy rounds minimal for faster followup shots. Might not be my first choice for CCW, but for duty and general use it’s a winner. Trigger is nice and smooth.

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