MasterPiece Arms MPA22SST

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and user ratings for the MasterPiece Arms MPA22SST pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

Masterpiece Arms‘ MPA22SST is a side-cocking pistol chambered in .22 LR. It features a 5″ threaded barrel, a 30-round magazine, a safety extension, a scope mount, one mag loader and a gun case.MasterPiece Arms MPA22SST

The MPA930SST-X is American made and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Note: Certain ammo works best in MasterPiece Arms’ .22 LR guns. For best performance, we recommend the ammo listed below. Due to the nature of the design, compression rates, timing, spring pressure, bullet geometry and profile, lubricity of the bullet and cartridge, and other factors, use of any ammo not on the approved list will cause less reliable feed/firing performance:

  • Federal Series .22LR, 745 Value Pack, Copper Plated HP, 1,260 FPS, 36 Grain
  • CCI Mini Mag .22LR, High Velocity, 1,235 FPS, Copper Plated HP, 40 Grain
  • CCI Mini Mag, 22LR, High Velocity, 1,260 FPS, Copper Plated HP, 36 Grain
  • Winchester Super X, .22 LR, 1,280 FPS, Copper Plated HP, 40 Grain
  • Winchester Super X, .22 LR, 1,330 FPS, Copper Plated HP, 37 Grain

MSRP: $524.95

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