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The Earl, 3"

The Earl, 4"

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Summary: The manufacturer’s description and specs, and the average user rating for the NAA Earl revolver.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Earl is a five-shot, single action, 1860s-style mini- revolver chambered in 22 magnum and available with a 3″ or 4″ barrel. Named after the NAA gunsmith who originally developed the product, with it’s faux loading lever (which secures the cylinder pin), the Earl resembles a 150-year old percussion revolver common in the Old West.

With it’s heavy octagonal barrel, top strap channel and bead front sight, the Earl could become your favorite plinker (pray for the snake, rodent, or tin can that dares cross your path!). With available flap-holster made of belt grade leather, strap on the Earl for an imaginative trip back to a simpler time. As another example of NAA’s craftmanship and attention to detail—the closer you look, the better we look.

As with every NAA Mini-Revolver, the hammer need not rest on an empty chamber. Using the original half-way notch cylinder, the hammer may rest safely and securely without chance of accidental discharge.

The Earl can be used with all popular .22 Magnum ammunition, including .22 Magnum shot shells (called Snake Shot by some manufacturers). The Earl is available with and without the additional .22 Long Rifle Conversion cylinder. NAA can install the additional cylinder as an after-market purchase. The firearm would need to be sent to NAA for factory timing of the additional cylinder.

In keeping with the 1860 styling, The “Earl” models were not designed for flutes.

MSRP: $289–$324

The Specs
Caliber Capacity OAL BBL WI HI WT/OZ
.22 WMR/.22 LR 5 7.75″ 4″ 0.875″ 3.125″ 8.6 (unloaded)
.22 WMR/.22 LR 5 6.75″ 3″ 0.875″ 3.125″ 8.2 (unloaded)

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1 thought on “NAA Earl

  1. Sgt Bill

    I own the Earl with 3″ barrel (along with other NAA firearms). I have absolutely no practical reason for this firearm but I had to have it and I love it. Well crafted and a hoot to shoot. I usually carry it when I am having a BBQ with friends over as it is a conversation starter.

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