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Manufacturer’s Description

Navy Arms Gunfighter revolvers feature a color case-hardened receiver, trigger and hammer and high-polish blue barrel and cylinder. They are available in three barrel lengths (4.75″, 5.5″ and 7.5″ )and .45 LC, .357 Magnum or .44-40 caliber.

In addition, Navy Arms has taken its standard 1873 Single Action and upgraded it with the following features:

The Gunfighter from the right.

The Gunfighter from the right.

  • U.S. made Wolff spring kits: All Navy Arms Gunfighter revolvers have had the original factory springs removed and replaced with legendary, American-made Wolff springs;
  • A German silver-plated backstrap and trigger guard: Rather than a standard blue finish, Navy Arms Gunfighter revolvers have a distinct backstrap and trigger guard that make it instantly recognizable; and
  • Black checkered Gunfighter grips: Navy Arms has replaced the smooth wood grips with impact resistant black checkered grips favored by 19th century gunfighters. The checkering on the grips provides a better grip when drawing, firing and re-holstering. The black finish of the grips with the German silver-plated backstrap and trigger guard makes the Navy Arms Gunfighter series instantly recognizable out of any shooter’s holster as well.

MSRP: $585

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1 thought on “Navy Arms Gunfighter

  1. Glen McWilliams

    Got a .357 gunfighter,43/4 bbl about four years ago off Gunsamerica.Slickest colt clone I have ever had.Timing was perfect.Hammer was centered
    (no scratches either side). Still has no ring on cylinder after some 1000/1200 rds of cowboy ammo.
    Must have a made on wednesday gun.
    If I thought I could luck out again I would buy another tomorrow.

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