Pedersoli Continental Dueling

Summary: The description, specs and photos for the Pedersoli Continental Dueling pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

Pedersoli’s Continental Dueling pistols reproduce a mid-Europe style dueling pistol featuring simple and essential lines. The barrel sports a rust-brown finish, and the lock has a case-hardened finish. The rear sight and the front sight are windage adjustable. The pistol grip is checkered, and the gun features an adjustable trigger.

The percussion model.

The Continental Dueling pistol is also available as a pair in a wood case with okra-colored lining, and you can get a flintlock or percussion version. The percussion pair is equipped with a screwdriver and a nipple wrench with an ebony colour wood handle, brass oilcan and caps box. The flintlock pair contains the scre driver, the pan primer, the oilcan and a brass small box.

The flintlocks are chambered in .44 or .45, and the percussions are chambered in .45.

The Specs
Model Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Weight
percussion .45 1 16.375″ 11.0625″ 2.2 lbs.
flintlock .45 1 16.75″ 11.0625″ 2.2 lbs.
flintlock .44 1 16.75″ 11.0625″ 2.2 lbs.

MSRP: n/a

The flintlock model.

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