Pedersoli Derringer Guardian

Summary: The description, specs and photos of the Pedersoli Derringer Guardian pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

Pedersoli’s Derringer Guardian recalls the famous X Pert Single Shot derringer produced by Hopkins & Allen in the 1870s, or the several European models known as the System Flobert Single Shot.

This steel gun shoots only with the #209 primer, which is insulated by a closing flange that prevents any metal chips escaping and protects the shooter’s hand. The Derringer Guardian is equipped with an extractor, sight and ramrod screwed to the base. With only the #209 primer, shots can hit the target out to 10 meters. It’s available in a wood case that contains a small box for BB pellets or the #209 primers.

MSRP: n/a

The Specs
Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Weight
4.5mm 1 4.9375″ 3.125″ .34 lbs.

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  1. I recently purchased a 45/410 Howdah and am mostly pleased. However, with .45 Colt ammo. and the shallow V back site, it prints way too high. If the back sight were a square notch and deeper, the point of impact could be brought down to be more usable. To some it may seem ridiculous but I originally planned to use it for deer hunting so I need to be more precision in bullet placement. My question, is such a sight available or do I have to take my Dremel moto tool to the sight on the gun and modify it?

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