Pedersoli Derringer Rider

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Summary: The description, specs and photos for the Pedersoli Derringer Rider pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

Pedersoli says its Derringer Rider is a reproduction of the extremely rare Remington Rider Single Shot Derringer pistol of which only about 200 were produced 1860–1863. Small pistols suitable for indoor practice were called parlor pistols.

The pistol is of steel construction, available with polished white or case hardened finish. A wood case is available for one or for two pistols, and it includes a brass box for caps. The Deluxe version features rich scroll engraving. On the grip there are a series of crossed lines, giving a checkering effect.

Like the original, the pistol fires a .17″ (4.3mm) ball using only a percussion cap and no black powder charge. To fire it, shooters place a ball into the breech plug small tube (which is capped) inserted against the barrel. The hammer fires a # 11 cap, which expels the ball.

The Specs
Caliber Capacity OAL BBL Weight
.17 (4.3mm) 1 4.75″ 2.0625″ .34 lbs.

MSRP: n/a

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The deluxe model.

1 thought on “Pedersoli Derringer Rider

  1. hector pichardo

    I purchased a Pedersoli “Rider” derringer, and have several complaints about it:

    1. The lever to extract the breachblock for loading, is on the wrong side, for a right-handed shooter – The lever interferes with the base of the index finger, making it rather uncomfortable to shoot.

    2. The detonation cap (No. 10 or 11?) does not detonate with regularity – I’ve experienced quite a few misfires (duds) – The only way I could make it fire more consistently was to wrap rubber bands from the hammer 9 like the common “zip guns we made in the 1950’s)

    3. The tiny lead ball ammo is really not a .177, or I would just have use common “b-b’s” – No, you have to see what the true specs are on the ammo.


    1. Get Pedersoli to switch the detachment lever to the other side (Or just market this little gem to southpaws).

    2. Get Pedersoli to modify the cap nipple to a 209 primer (more power, so you don’t end up with rounds stuck midway up the barrel, as happened to Peter Caroling, a contributing reviewer to the Blue Press publication)

    3. Make it double-barreled – Twice the fun!

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