Remington R51

Remington R51 left side

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Manufacturer’s Description

The Remington┬áR51 semiauto pistol is built on an aluminum alloy frame and chambered in 9mm. Remington says it’s a modern take on its Model 51 pistol, which was designed in 1915 by John Pedersen.

Other features include:

  • A hammer-fired Pedersen action with a locked breech;

    The R51 from the left.
    The R51 from the left.
  • smooth, rounded edges to ease drawing the gun from concealment;
  • a steel slide with a matte-black finish and rear serrations;
  • a nitride finish on the frame;
  • a positive grip safety (i.e., it clicks when you engage it);
  • interchangeable grips to accomadate varying hand sizes;
  • two flush, seven round magazines;
  • 25 LPI checkering on the front strap;
  • an undercut trigger guard to allow a high handhold;
  • an ambidextrous magazine release;
  • a long but relatively light trigger pull (reportedly around 6 lbs.);
  • drift-adjustable sights front and rear; and
  • a lowered and flared ejection port.

Remington says the pistol can handle 9mm +P ammunition. You can get it with a Crimson Trace laser sight, and a threaded barrel.

The company says the R51 will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
9mm 7+1 3.4″ 6.5″ -ish 1″ 4.5″ -ish 22 oz. unloaded

MSRP: $420 (standard)
MSRP: $609 (with laser sight)

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The R51 from the right.
The R51 from the right.


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  2. Disaster. 9 rds and the slide locked. Armorer and gunsmith could not fix. Sent to Remington during their reorganization, and after 9 weeks of “I don’t know” for fix date or even where it was, I demanded a refund (and got it). Gun is slightly heavier than similar guns (not a polymer). Though a bit narrow for grip, generally felt good, and was easy to aim. Action was medium. The 9 rds were accurately placed, and the 3 brands had no issue. Mags worked fine. Trigger pull was medium. Liked the gun initially. Appears a small, horseshoe spring is critical in takedown and reassembly, and the ramp (some say gritty, I didn’t think so) feel of the Pederson action was a little different, but not a problem. This could have been a sweet gun, but was either poorly updated from the original or had serious QC problems. Two others at my range had similar problems, one early like me, one with one of the supposedly “fixed” later run guns. Blackened Rem’s reputation with me and co-shooters.

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