Rock Island Armory TCM 22 Midsize Standard

Rock Island Armory TCM 22 Midsize Standard left

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Summary: The description, specs, photo and user ratings for the Rock Island Armory TCM 22 Midsize Standard pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Rock Island Armory TCM 22 Midsize Standard is a 1911-style pistol built on a high-capacity steel frame and chambered in Armscor’s cartridge, the .22 TCM. This round is essentially a 40-grain, hollow-point, .223-caliber bullet placed into a necked-down 9mm case. It reportedly produces muzzle velocities exceeding 2,000 fps.Rock Island Armory TCM 22 Midsize Standard left

Other features include:

  • An adjustable (windage and elevation), dovetailed rear sight;
  • a snag-free tactical front sight;
  • vertical serrations on the slide’s rear;
  • checkered polymer grips;
  • a high-sweep beavertail grip safety;
  • a forged, flat-top slide with a bevel on the bottom edge;
  • a short trigger; and
  • a parkerized finish.

Note: Rock Island Armory imports these pistols from Armscor.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
.22 TCM 17+1 4.25″ 8″ n/a 5.5″ 40 oz. unloaded

MSRP: n/a

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  2. I have one of these; it converts to 9mm with the supplied barrel, recoil spring, and ejector. The gun feels great in my large hands. It cycles well loading up. Unfortunately, we had some growing pains on the 22TCM side. RIA support was perfect and timely, send me a new ejector and new slide stop. When I had further FTE problems, it turned out that it was a batch of Philippines-made ammo (black plastic tray, origin is on back side of box). My ‘smith mic’d it versus the US-made ones (white foam tray, made-in-US noted on back of box, and performance improved a lot but still has hiccups. RIA has been EXCELLENT to work with and is very good about resolving issues by e-mail. I am about to switch over to the 9mm configuration and expect to have little or no problem with that because of the lower case pressures. The grip is beefy, due to mag capacity, but feels great in my hand. Their related parts shop sells 5-packs of spare magazines at a reasonable price.

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