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Summary: The description, specs, photo, pricing and user ratings for the Ruger LC9s pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Ruger LC9s is a small semiauto pistol built on a black, glass-filled nylon frame with a blued, alloy steel slide, and chambered in 9mm. This gun is nearly identical to its predecessor, the LC9, but for the action: the LC9 is a double-action-only hammer-fired pistol, while the new LC9s features a striker-fired action with a trigger safety.

Ruger LC9s right side photo

The LC9s from the right.

Other features include:

  • An alloy steel barrel;
  • a dovetailed, windage-adjustable, two white-dot rear sight;
  • a dovetailed, white-dot front sight;
  • a checkered grip;
  • an optional finger-grip extension floorplate for the magazine;
  • an internal lock safety;
  • a manual safety;
  • a magazine disconnect safety;
  • a loaded chamber indicator/port on top of the slide;
  • one seven round magazine; and
  • a soft case.

Ruger says all LC9 accessories will fit the LC9s, which should include the four laser sights listed in this an LC9 laser sight roundup article on the review and rating site

Update: Ruger now offers a new model called the LC9s Pro, which deletes the manual safety and the magazine disconnect safety.

More reading: Here’s the link to our in-depth review of the LC9.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Width Height Weight
9mm 7+1 3.12″ 6″ .9″ 4.5″ 17.2 oz.

MSRP: $449

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Ruger LC9s left side photo

The LC9s from the left.

2 thoughts on “Ruger LC9s

  1. Stan

    300 rounds into its life and not one failure. For a rather plain Jane gun it has exceeded my expectations.

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  2. Lauren Bausch Oquinn

    Extremely reliable little gun, and this Ruger was my very first firearm purchase!
    Will shoot any brand of ammo. I prefer my husband’s S&W M&P Shield 9mm over the Ruger LC9s, but the Ruger prints less on my small frame.
    I’m 5’6″ and 125 lbs and carry IWB. My husband is 6’3″ and about 290 lbs.. The Shield fits great in my small hands and also in my husband’s massive grip. It’s just an all-star!
    The Ruger’s recoil is snappy, but the trigger is decent. My other EDC is my Kimber Ultra II .45, so comparing these triggers is like apples to oranges. I’ve been satisfied with this gun, but I don’t love practicing with it. It is comfortable for daily carry in an Uncle Mike’s holster or a nice Galco leather one. The Ruger is a good gun. I have no complaints, and I carry it more than the Kimber.
    The accuracy is decent, but I’m better with my husband’s daily carry (which I rarely shoot). My husband swears he’s just as good with the Ruger, but he doesn’t enjoy shooting it… I can tell! The S&W Shield is actually fun to shoot! Of course the Kimber is both fun for the range and is a wonderful carry option. It is bulky though.

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