SIG Sauer M11-A1

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and user ratings for the SIG Sauer M11-A1 pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

SIG Sauer‘s M11-A1 is a semiauto pistol chambered in 9mm that is essentially a cross between SIG’s P228 and P229 pistols. It’s¬†built on the slightly wider, .40 SW-size, P229 anodized alloy frame to increase the 9mm capacity to 15 rounds. The frame does not include a rail.

Other features include:

  • A traditional-style, one-piece, stainless steel slide with aggressive serrations, a nitron finish and the SIG logo engraved on top;
  • P228 two-piece grips;
  • SIG’s double-action/single-action Short Reset Trigger;
  • phosphate-coated internals;
  • SIGLite night sights;
  • a decocking lever;
  • an automatic firing pin safety block;
  • a safety intercept notch;
  • a trigger bar disconnector; and
  • three 15-round magazines.

SIG says this pistol is issued to U.S. Navy aviators and other units in the U.S. military. They will reportedly begin shipping to civilian customers in late September/early October.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Width Weight
9mm 15+1 3.9″ 7.1″ 5.4″ 1.5″ 32 oz. w/mag

MSRP: $1,125

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  2. I don’t understand how this gun is getting such a poor rating when it has not even hit store shelves yet. Get a grip people.

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  3. It is getting the poor ratings because people, like me, are clicking on the stars to read the reviews… not knowing this is casting a vote on what they think of this handgun. This is why I give this type of site NO credibility. It is a flawed method of collecting ratings.

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  4. Hi Tom. Yes, the Users’ Ratings function isn’t perfect. Some people misclick. Some are biased one way or the other, and some know more than others. Heck, it’s even possible for gun mfg and marketing people to inflate rankings for their guns, or deflate the rankings for competitors’ guns. And there’s always the statistical relevance question–how many votes does it take before you can assign an average rating some value?

    I don’t think all that means the User Ratings have zero value, however. They certainly aren’t gospel, but in my opinion, after, say, 25 votes, you can start to give them some weight.

    Of course, if you’re researching and comparing handguns to figure out which to buy, the Users’ Ratings should make up only a piece of your overall evaluation. You should also consider any Users’ Comments, some of which have more value than others. And, if available, consider the Editor’s Rating and Review, too, all the while remembering these aren’t gospel, either. You should assign our editor’s opinion a value level you’re comfortable with given his apparent experience level and remembering that ALL reviewers harbor some level of inherent bias. And the specific gun they test and eval can vary, too: Is it a lemon, a specially prepped/perfected example or a typical example plucked from the assembly line?

    And then there’s price, function, size and even appearance–what do you need?

    If you can think about and then mix all these factors together, you should be able to make a good choice for your needs. Yep, it’s imperfect, complicated and fuzzy. But I can’t think of a better alternative?

    Thanks for your feedback! Please let me know if you have thoughts on improving Also, if you like, let me know what rating you’d give this gun and I’ll enter it manually (and delete the one you entered accidentally). Just send me a note through the Contact Us form.

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