SIG Sauer P220 Combat

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Summary: The manufacturer’s description and specs, and the average user rating for the SIG Sauer P220 Combat pistols.

Manufacturer’s Description

The P220 Combat is designed to meet, and exceed, rigorous military standards. This double-action/single-action pistol features the military’s Flat Dark Earth finish on its alloy frame and SIG’s Nitron over a stainless slide. Internal parts and controls are phosphated for extreme corrosion resistance and reduced friction while the threaded barrel is hard chromed and finished in Nitron which easily passes the military’s accuracy requirements—even after 20,000 rounds.

The P220 Combat also passes the military’s 240-hour salt spray corrosion test. Outfitted with a true M1913 Picatinny rail, vertical front strap serrations and SIGLITE night sights.

The P220 Combat TB.

The P220 Combat carries a 4.4″ barrel, while another version, the P220 Combat TB, carries a threaded 5″ barrel.

MSRP: $1,200 (P220 Combat)
MSRP: $1,350 (P220 Combat TB)

The Specs

Model Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Width Weight
P220 Combat .45 ACP 10+1, 8+1 4.4″ 7.7″ 5.5″ 1.5″ 30.4 oz.
P220 Combat TB .45 ACP 10+1, 8+1 5″ 8.3″ 5.5″ 1.5″ 31.7 oz.

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  1. A top notch combat pistol fit for duty in any mission. I own a variety of .45 ACP combat pistols (Colt, H&K, FN, Glock, etc.) and the Sig Sauer P220 Combat is my favorite. The pistol feels great in my hand and its balance makes firing it a joy. I open carry this pistol while hunting and mudding on my four-wheeler. It has been rained on, submerged, and caked in mud on multiple occasions and still shows no signs of wear, decay, and/or erosion. I.highly recommend this pistol to anyone and would love to see the U.S. Army adopt it as the standard service pistol.

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  2. I have carried this pistol in various parts of the world in adverse conditionA and in direct action against armed enemies intent on killing me. It has never let me down. I would not hesitate to use this weapon and recommend it wholeheartedly. The only drawback, in my opinion, is its sheer size. We have a saying in SF…ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain! So a slight weight savings would be the only improvement I could suggest for operator use. When carrying 200 pounds of kit, even the slightest bit of weight savings makes a difference. However, if you are looking at this weapon for civilian use, I could not recommend a better pistol.

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