Smith & Wesson Model 29

Smith Wesson Model 29 right side photo

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Summary: The description, specs, photos, pricing, user ratings and user comments for the Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver.

Manufacturer’s Description

Smith & Wesson‘s Model 29 is a six-round, single-action/double-action revolver chambered for .44 Magnum and .44 Special. It’s built on a carbon steel frame with a carbon steel cylinder, and available finishes include blue, bright blue and nickel (not pictured). Other features include:

  • Checkered, square-butt walnut grips (Altamount service grips are optional);

    Smith Wesson Model 29 6inch right side photo
    The Model 29 with the 6.5″ barrel.
  • a red ramp front sight; and
  • a micro-adjustable rear sight.

You can get it with a 6.5″ or 4″ barrel.

On camera: Check out Hickok45’s video review of a Smith & Wesson Model 29.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity OAL BBL
.44 Magnum, .44 Special 6 12″ 6.5″
.44 Magnum, .44 Special 6 9.25″ 4″

MSRP: $1,098 (4″ barrel, blue)
MSRP: $1,280 (6.5″ barrel, bright blue)

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Smith Wesson Model 29 4inch right side photo
The Model 29 with 4″ barrel.

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  1. Awesome weapon! Nice to own a piece of nostalgea. Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry movies may have made it famous, but I doubt he could have wielded it around and so easily fired it for real, as he did in the movies! Buy one… It will make your day!

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