Smith & Wesson Model 638

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Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photo and user ratings for the Smith & Wesson Model 638 revolver.

Manufacturer’s Description

Smith & Wesson‘s (S&W) Model 638 is a five-round, .38 Special +P revolver built on an aluminum alloy frame with a stainless steel cylinder. Other features include:

  • A single-action/double-action trigger;

    The Model 638 from the right.
    The Model 638 from the right.
  • a small, shrouded hammer;
  • a synthetic grip;
  • an integral front sight;
  • a matte silver finish; and
  • a fixed rear sight.

Note: S&W also offers a version of this revolver called the Model 638 CT, which features Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity OAL BBL
.38 Special +P, .38 Special 5 6.31″ 1.875″

MSRP: $469

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The Model 638 from above.
The Model 638 from above.

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  1. The S&W 638 & the 642 are excellent revolvers for EDC/BUG…tried some of the smaller autos (Walther PPK/s, Ruger LCP, S&W Shield, XDs-45) but always gravitate back to the 638. They are reliable, accurate, and easy to operate, has the ability to shoot in a pocket, and easy to conceal anywhere. Many believe that you are under-gunned with 5-shots, don’t believe it–WHY–because of the size and weight you’ll find yourself carrying this more. I also believe the .38Spl is a better choice than any .380ACP..just my cranky lousy opinion… 🙂

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