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  1. Hey Nick:

    I read your article on the Sig P220 carry- very thorough and informative. I recently purchased the sse carry; it’s a beautiful weapon. I will need a lot of practice to get proficient again. I now feel I made the right pistol decision!
    I to worked in L.E. – 35.5 yrs. with the Santa Barbara Co. S.O. I also retired medically. I recently decided to get back into shooting.( my son became involved and got me excited! )
    I recently joined the USCCA and have really enjoyed all the articles on training, current laws, etc.
    My initial search was for advise on the best brand and style of holster to use with my new toy. My son got me a holster from Sig which did not work. I usually carry inside my waist band on the left side, but thru all the articles in USCCA, they advocate your right side practice. I just looked at a DeSantos thrumb break from Midway. It is an outside holster.
    Do you have any advise that could help in my decision. There are so many brands, styles etc. – I’m really not comfortable making a decision on my own at this point.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope you are doing well physically, Don

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