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Summary: The description, specs, photo, pricing, user comments and user ratings for STI’s GP5 pistol.

Manufacturer’s Description

With the GP5, STI International, Inc. has taken its GP6 model and made it even more suitable for concealed carry by shortening the slide and barrel. Built on a lightweight, durable polymer (Polyamide GF 30) frame, the GP5 incorporates integrated tactical rails and textured side panels and front and rear straps. The GP5’s all steel slide is tri-topped with front and rear cocking serrations and features a fixed three-dot sight system.

The controls consist of ambi-thumb safeties, an ambi–slide release and a user configurable magazine release for equal ease of use in either right- or left-hand configuration. The barrel measures 3.25″ long and features a rotational lock-up system. Long term durability testing units have fired more than 110,000 shots without any change in internal geometry.

The GP5 comes standard with a storage case, two magazines and three interchangeable backstraps.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Height Weight
9mm n/a 3.25″ 7.5″ n/a 23.8 oz.

MSRP: $662.86

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  1. Bought one a couple days ago, took it home to disassemble and give it a thorough cleaning and lube job as I do any new pistol. This pistol (GP5)has a very unorthodox method of dissassembly. Long story short, it took me almost an hour to get it apart and about the same amount of time to get it back together. You need the strength of Superman especially to re-assemble it. Never fired a shot and took it back to the dealer for a refund. Any pistol that is that difficult to service will not be in my possession. Bought a Glock.

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  2. This gun is great. It is relatively compact for a pistol that holds 17+1 rounds. The trigger is nearly as nice as a 1911. It does seem to have less muzzle flip than tilt locking barrels.
    While it is more difficult to take down than a glock, it is not that hard. There are videos on youtube that show it being field stripped and reassembled in three minutes.
    My biggest complaint is the lack of holsters. Other than that only time will tell how durable this gun is.
    The designer of this gun has a facebook page, if you are able to find him add him as a friend, and he will be a very valuable resource.

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