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Survey Says: the Best Handgun Laser-Lights of 2018

By - Posted: Saturday, January 6, 2018

Looking to buy a laser sight and light combo for your pistol but not sure where to begin? I’ve combed through the nearly 50 different models in the wild today and identified the six best. All are top-rated with excellent reviews by actual buyers/users.

The Selection Process

best laser lights spreadsheet screenshot

The author investigated nearly 50 different laser-lights to find the best on the market.

First I pulled together a list of all handgun laser-lights, and then I filtered out all discontinued models and all frame-mount/trigger guard-mount models designed to fit only one pistol. Next I researched each remaining laser-light on Amazon.com (and to a lesser degree, OpticsPlanet.com) to gauge how its performing with actual buyers and users.

A couple years ago I examined 33 million Amazon product ratings and learned the average rating across all products is 3.95 stars. The margin-of-error behind each average rating falls to a workable level after roughly 100 votes, and the percentage of the dreaded 1-star vote averages around 8% (to read more about this study, check out my Amazon.com Star Rating Tips article).

With that info in mind, I was able to pick out the obvious winners and losers on Amazon. I also read through numerous reviews on Amazon to look for red flags, quality confirmations, customer service gripes, etc.

Finally, I performed a Google search for “the best handgun laser sights.” I clicked through 12 of the results and copied the names of all the laser-lights listed by those authors into one list to see which laser-lights were mentioned most frequently.

What did all this wisdom-of-crowds data reveal? With no further ado, here are the top six rail-mount handgun laser-light combos available so far this year: Continue reading

Survey Says: the Best Pocketguns

By - Posted: Friday, November 21, 2014

UPDATED 3/15/21

stars2Since our launch in September 2010, GunsGunsGuns.net has included a star rating and comment system that allows every reader to rate, on a scale of 1–10, each handgun listed on our site. Such wisdom-of-crowds voting systems aren’t new; these days this type of crowd-sourced data helps amateur astronomers identify the best telescopes on Amazon.com, diners find popular restaurants on Yelp.com, couch potatoes locate good movies on Netflix, etc. Now, with roughly 60,000 votes cast across 1,650+ handguns, we’re ready to begin leveraging the ratings in an article series called “Survey Says” to help you identify the top handguns in a particular niche.

The first niche: pocketguns. In recent years, this handgun type’s popularity has exploded with numerous states relaxing concealed carry restrictions and firearm manufacturers rushing to offer new pocketguns. But with so many models available, where should a shopper start? Read on! Continue reading