USFA Old Armory Original .455 Eley

Summary: The description, specs, photos and MSRP for the USFA Old Armory Original .455 Eley revolver.

Manufacturer’s Description

USFA’s Old Armory Original .455 Eley is British proofed circa 1890. It’s available with three cylinders chambered in .455 Eley, .45 LC and .45 ACP. It’s finished in Color Case Armory Blue, and “U.S.” ivory grips included in the price. Fire Blue appointments included.

It comes in English Oak casing with a green interior and a cartridge board (similar to sample shown).

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Weight
.45 LC, .45 ACP, .455 Eley 6 7.5″ n/a n/a

MSRP: $2,285

The .455 Eley chamber.

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