USFA Old Armory Original

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Summary: The description, specs, photos and MSRP for the USFA Old Armory Original revolver.

Manufacturer’s Description

What began years ago as a faithful reproduction is now more historically accurate. The Old Colt Single Action reproduced by USFA is now available for the first time in a true first-generation small frame window and true scale cylinder in the Old Armory Original.

The current run of all USFA revolvers (until the Old Armory Original) sported a larger window to accommodate the larger cylinder for the potential heavy modern cartridges cowboy action shooters can put through their favorite single actions. This new offering is different in several other ways as well. The base pin latch will “regress” to the smaller, lighter dimension of 1873, as will the front sight blade—it has become the smaller, more shapely tapered blade we see on perfect (i.e., expensive) 19th century originals. Heights made expressly for the lobbing of blackpowder shells at distance. For those using modern fast powders, the bullets will print slightly higher because the bullet gets there faster and you don’t bury the front sight with the modern higher blade dimension.

In addition, USFA will offer the Old Armory Original as a engraved platform.

The pistol is available with 4.75″, 5.5″ or 7.5″ barrels chambered in .45 LC. Serial numbers begin with any original numbered gun you wish to copy (if still available) or your special birthdate or initials and number. You can get it with a blackpowder frame or a cross-pin frame, and with hard-rubber or walnut grips. It’s finished in Old Armory Case and Armory Blue.

The rear sight notch.

The Specs

Caliber Capacity BBL OAL Weight
.45 LC 6 4.75″ n/a n/a
.45 LC 6 5.5″ n/a n/a
.45 LC 6 7.5″ n/a n/a

MSRP: $2,095

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